Thursday 21 July 2011

Frappe Coffee, Not just a coffee... an Institution!

Let’s start with the basics, how you can make one. Get the instructions, go make one and then come back and read the rest. Seriously, it will make all the difference!

This is mine! Never forget the water!
Now, it depends how you take your coffee how you will make it. I like mine sweet with milk. So I add 1 ½ teaspoon of Nescafe coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a shaker. Add roughly 10 teaspoons of water and one ice cube and shake, shake, shake! The ice cube will help dissolve the coffee and mix it properly with the sugar. In the beginning, the ice cube will be making lots of noise but when the froth has been created, it will make less. That is when you know it is ready.
Add 5 ice cubes in a tall glass and pour the mix. Add milk, as much as you like and then water to take it to the top of the glass.
And that is your Frappe coffee! In the evenings, I like adding 2 teaspoons of any liquor available in the house or Baileys. It goes really well!
So there you have it. Go and make one. Take a sip out of it and you will see how refreshing it is.
Frappe is not just a coffee for the Greeks. I don’t think the nation could exist without it! All coffee shops live from it.
Even in the beaches, you will have people walking around offering to make some and bring it to you whilst you sunbathe and it really goes well.
Frappe needs you to not rush, have the time to enjoy it. Italians let’s say have their espresso, which you could drink standing up. You down it and of you go. Frappe is the opposite. You need to make time for it... Enjoy it... hence why I have linked it with holidays and time off. I will have one on a warm Sunday, whilst husband is still sleeping in the mornings or on holidays back home.
It really represents the Greek attitude better than anything else, if you could pinpoint the Greeks in one thing. They do not rush with anything, they enjoy life, even in these times, where they have no money and are completely bewildered by what is happening with the country, they will still make the time to go up to the coffee shop and spend a couple of hours having a coffee, whilst playing backgammon. For those couple of hours, or even longer, they tend to forget the problems are theirs and just enjoy the break. 

So, if you haven’t done already, go and make your frappe, any way you prefer it and sit down and enjoy it, whilst cruising through my blog of course!
Enjoy! I am!

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