Tuesday 19 July 2011

Mpiftekia (Meatballs Greek style)

I decided to get these ready tonight so I can have tomorrow off from cooking, so you can have the recipe tonight as well. I love my meat balls and for the summer, they are perfect served with a fresh salad. In the winter, it also goes well with mashed potatoes. They smell delicious and I don’t know if I will hold myself till tomorrow! Here is the recipe...


1Kg minced beef
1 medium sized onion, grated
1 bunch of parsley (20gr), cut every 1cm roughly
2 eggs
200gr (roughly 2 slices) of stale bread, trimmed
1 ladle olive oil
1 tomato, peeled and grated
Oregano, half a teaspoon
Salt and pepper
½ lemon’s juice


It really doesn’t get any easier than this. You add everything inside a ball, starting with the mince and you mould everything together with your hands. You need to work on the mix for a good 5 minutes to ensure everything goes everywhere. If you feel that it has become too soft and it sticks to the sides of the ball too much, add a bit more bread to balance it. Once you feel the mix is ok, make them into little burgers and place them on a non stick tray. Otherwise you can use a normal tray and spray it with a bit of sunflower oil so they don’t stick. You need to grill them for about 30 minutes, roughly 15 minutes on each side, on a medium heat.

I hope you try them cause they are delicious!! I can smell them as we speak!! Trying to resist the temptation cause otherwise I will have nothing for tomorrow!!! Good luck!!

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