Wednesday 20 July 2011

My piece of Greece: Feneos, Korinthias

 There are some places in Greece that I think their underestimated beauty still keeps them pure and untouched from the masses of tourism. I wish they always stay like that, but I do think their beauty should become a bit more popular, mainly as it will help with their survival as well

One of these places is the village where my father comes from. Situated 900 to 1050 meters at its’ highest top over sea level, Feneos is a beautiful village of only a couple of hundred permanent residents. It is very steep therefore you can’t really drive in the centre of the village. I think only the villagers themselves attempt the driving, personally I wouldn’t! But it is definitely worth the walk.
It is full of history, ponds and wells and friendly people. There is something magical about it, I think it is the fresh air of the mountains that just make you go calm and serene. Time tends to stop there.
Houses made out of stone, to cope with the harsh weather (usually they are secluded due to the snow over winter) and a Basilical type church majestically sitting in the middle of the village, make for a beautiful sight.
The view from it is to die for as well, as it is surrounded by mountains that open up into the valley that leads all the way to the sea.
Words and photos really don’t do it justice, but if you ever find yourselves near Korinthos, remember this and do make the trip. It will be worthwhile. I miss it more than any other spot in that country, as I do believe there is something magical, something higher than us that lives and protects that place.... Enjoy the photos... 

The valley that leads all the way down to the sea
The mountain opposite

Saint Spyridonas, the Basilical Church of the Village. I was right underneath. Can you see how steep it is?..

My auntie's flowers thrive in the fresh air
The church from the top with the winter snow

Lake Doksa next to the village

St George's Monastery

The village as seen from the opposite mountain

The valley


  1. Thanks! Although they trully don't do it justice! xx

  2. Feneos is probably one of the most beautiful places in Greece. I have been there several times. Lake doxa is simply outstanding.

    Unfortunately there is no hotels any more in Feneos. So we had to stay in Goura about 7 minutes with the car far away. We stay in this hotel during in our visit in feneos . It was clean, it has view on the village of Feneos, since Goura is opposite and a very nice breakfast.

    Every day we were going to Lake Doxa (lake glory), swimming and having fun.

    Everyone must visit feneos since is one of the best places in Greece!


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