Sunday 17 July 2011

Sleeep baby... sleeeppppp

It is at times like this that I can hear my mum's voice in my head... " You will have kids one day and you will remember me" Damn... I guess she has won.

After 4 hours of bathing, feeding, more feeding, holding, walking around with, more feeding and more soothing of my little one, he is still up and still very much awake... The moment you stop pushing his crib, he starts crying, so I seem to have gone into a transit  of just rythmically doing everything now.
Thank god for Adele for giving the tempo! I love her last album. So, multitasking or what? Rocking the baby, typing on here and listening to Adele!
Give me strength, I definitely have given birth to my little Greek miniature....

Link below for the lovers.... I got her album, well worth it over and over again...

Off for some more feeding, hope it works this time...

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