Friday 15 July 2011

Spinach Pie made easy!

I have quite a few English friends asking me for recipes every now and then, so from now on I might be writing the recipes in English so that everyone can understand!

I made a spinach pie last night, with lots and lots of feta cheese, so for whomever is interested, here is the recipe. This is with ready-made filo pastry so it is quite easy to follow on a 32cm/12” to 36cm/14” tray. Scale down the ingredients if you will do it on a smaller tray. 

2 packs of filo pastry
1.2Kg of spinach
400gr feta cheese (the cheapest one from Asda will do!)
1 onion
4 eggs
Olive oil

You need to start with preparing the spinach. They need to be washed thoroughly. Usually if they are fresh, I will wash them 4 times. They then need to be cut, roughly every 2 cms. We then put salt over them and we grab a handful a time and squeeze them so as to get all the liquids out of them. I usually get my husband to do this bit, as you need to proper squeeze them!!
You then add the feta cheese which you crumble into small pieces. Whisk 3 eggs together and add them in the mix. Add one ladle of olive oil or 1 medium sized cup if you don’t have a ladle. Chop the onion in very very small pieces and add them. Add a bit of pepper and the mix is ready. No salt as the feta will add all the saltiness necessary.
Salve oil with a brush on the tray and start adding layers of the filo pastry making sure it overhangs from the edges so they will be rolled inside at the end. You need 4 layers preferably at the bottom and you need to brush olive oil in-between each layer. You then add your mix and you add another 2 layers of filo. Turn inside all the edges of the pastry that is overhanging from the tray and finally add one more layer of filo. Whisk 1 egg together with 2 spoons of oil and pour it on the top, making sure it covers the whole filo.
Get a knife and mark the pie where you will want to cut your pieces. You do this so the filo will not crumble once it is cooked.
You need to have preheated the oven at 220 degrees Celsius and the pie goes in for 1 hour. Once the top is golden, roughly 40 minutes into the cooking, switch your oven so that all the heat goes at the bottom to ensure that goes golden as well. If your oven doesn’t have that functionality, cover the pie with foil so that it doesn’t burn on the top whilst the bottom is cooking.
The pie needs to rest for about 15 minutes once cooked before you cut it and it is as good cold from the fridge as it is hot. It can stay in the fridge for about 7 days with no problem and it makes for good packed lunch!
This is my number one favourite food!

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!!!

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