Monday 18 July 2011

Spot the Greek!

One of my favourite pass-time games when I am out and about is spotting the Greeks. I love sitting on a bench and just watch the people that pass by. The Greeks are easy to spot! And no, it's not because they are hairy with dark hair and skin! :) Lots of ethnicities are like that.

The Greeks have one unique emblym, one thing that is sacred to them and they carry it with them regardless of weather, occassion or time of the day. The sunglasses!
A Greek, even if it has been raining all day long and the skies are grey and horrible, will usually wear the sunglasses at least on the head. It's more of a fashion statement, like women usually carry around handbags rather than a necessity for obscuring the light.
It trully does not stop to amaze me. I was out yesterday for some shopping, horrible weather, windy and rainy through the day and there were two guys with their sunglasses on the head. By the time they passed me by, the confirmation came as they spoke in Greek.
You might be able to have Greeks speaking English and living the English lifestyle, but you can never get the "Greek" out of them. And that's what the sunglasses are for me. The forever hopefulls that maybe, just maybe the sun will come out and then what will they do without them?! Love it.


  1. well sis its not only the glasses...greeks speak loud, sit in a pub and look over the company with the most loud people just talking and laughing without being drunk, just drinking coffee or water or nothing!!!!WE LOVE TO BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!

    There are too many things making a Greek to be spotted.

    We can not stand in a queue for too long!!!!!!!!No way....time is money...times is precious...hurry.....;)

    But thats all the things that make us adorable and lovable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. never thought about it. brilliant point of view and totally true.

    p.s.I always carry my sunglasses with me. The sun inevitably will come out, no matter what!


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