Sunday 31 July 2011

Spot the Greek Cat

Evil or what?...
I got him thinking he is a cat, but he is more of a catdog...

I thought it is about time to introduce Loomis. Loomis is my cat, although sometimes he could be a dog...
He is 4 years old and weighs roughly 6,3 kg. I do take him to the vet regularly for his vaccines and everything and vet tells us he has “heavy bones” and there is nothing wrong with his weight, so we let him be. My baby (human!) weighs 5,9kg at the moment, so yes, relatively there is no escaping from the fact that he is a big cat! 

He was our first so we spoiled him right from the moment go. He lounges at the best spot of the sofa (the only way to move him is literally to sit on him and make him uncomfortable), he eats the best food (the only “human” products he will touch are greek yogurt, feta cheese and milk as a pure Vlaho-cat that he is...) and he hunts at the best places. When we bought a house we made sure it was at a quiet road and near woods cause he tends to do his “lounging” even at the middle of the road, the king of the road and you have to get out of the car, grab him, move him to the side and then get back in the car and continue.
The neighbours know this so thankfully British are animal lovers and no one has tried to run him over... yet... but they patiently get him out of the way, although they think he is psychotic...
Uncle Pat, his vet, did not have an answer on how to get over that bit. He usually smiles on questions like that. Bless...
Advert for Fage...

Loomis likes walking as well. Yesterday when we went to the woods, the plan was to reach a pub which is on the other side of the area, but as Loomis followed us all the way, I don’t think the pub would allow him in and he would have been lost the stupid cat, so we aborted mission and returned back. All the way, people walking their dogs would pass by and we with Loomis. Whom by the way, we have to grab and hold him tight until any dog passes by, cause otherwise he goes ballistic and wants to attack the dogs, even if they are 10 times his size. Obviously we end up with claws stuck deep into us and little wholes in our clothes but oh well!!

He also speaks Greek, not English. When we want him to come, we go “ps ps ps ps” and sometimes he might turn his ear and look, not really move... but English go “ts ts ts ts” which he does not even raise an eyebrow to... 

So there you go, that’s our Greek Vlaho-cat. Loomis the catdog, ¨γατόσκυλο¨ as we call him in Greek!
He likes lounging and grabbing the best spot on the sofa, he is big but not overweight, he is peculiar with his food, but will eat anything dairy, he thinks he can pick a fight even when he should seriously run and he only listens when he wants... 

ps. He is now at the front door mhawing to open the door cause he can't be bothered to jump the fence and go to his catflap.... if it wasn't for the neighbours! Grrrrrrrr
Loomis the Greek cat


  1. Αδερφούλα βάλε καμμιά πρόσφατη φωτό για να φανούν τα κιλά του γιατί εδώ είναι μικρός και δεν φαίνονται!!!!!!να φανει το πραγματικό ῾γουρούνι῾που κρύβει μέσα του!!!!!!!!!

  2. o Loomis είναι σαν αναλλοίωτη, διαχρονική αξία... έχει παραμείνει ο ίδιος ανά τα χρόνια, δεν βλέπω το ποίντ σου!

  3. Άντε ρε με το χοντροτεμπελόγατο!!!

    (To hell with this fatlazycat!!!)

    Αλλά έιναι αξιολάτρευτος ο πστς!!!

    (He is an adorable one mf!!!)


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