Sunday 7 August 2011

The little tiny bee

I am sat here thinking what should I write about.... and I look around for inspiration... I can see: my swollen feet... from the ironing marathon I endured this afternoon,  the carpet... that needs hoovering  but who has the time, the telly... full of dust but who cares! My husband feeding my baby and of course the little one ever so satisfied with his bottle of milk. And it makes me think... in the past couple of months everyone (mainly Greeks) is giving the baby advice, that goes anything like:
-Don’t kiss the baby inbetween the eyes, he might turn cross-eyed
-Don’t kiss him in the mouth, he will be late with his speaking
-Don’t let him sleep in your bed, he will never get out
-Don’t hug him constantly, he will get used to it
-Don’t feed him too much, he will get fat
-Don’t take him out too often, he might get a cold
-Don’t let other people touch him, they might have viruses
-Don’t open the window for too long, bees might come in and stink him
You get the drift or shall I continue? ...

So in order for all these to happen... I have to:
-Suck his eye balls so hard that they will move
-Kiss his mouth and maybe bite his tongue at the same time?
And the baby will then, never get out of my bed, ever... and when and if he does, he will be strapped on me constantly, but then again he might be a giant over-weight baby, so how will I hold him up? And of course, we will be stuck indoors, cause he will keep getting colds and we wouldn’t want him to see other people or even smell the fresh air.... why don’t I just put him in a bubble for the rest of his life then and that should do it?
Sometimes even the bad moments can be good, they make you feel alive. One of my first memories in life is when I was about 4 and a bee stunk me on the leg! I remember how much it hurt and how everyone was running around to put this wizardy Greek mix of mud with vinegar and coffee (?!?!) on top to make it go away. Don’t know if it worked, it still hurt. I was the certain of attention and was being pampered due to the bee. But I don’t remember the days my mother kept me indoors so that I don’t get hurt and we were sat there staring at each other I guess....
Conclusion: I will not pass down to my little one the fears and “dont’s” that we grew up with. And if the bee gets him, I will be there to pamper him and make it go all better. I don’t want him to know that there is a monster under his bed that will eat him if he doesn’t fall asleep or about the “old man” that will take him away if he doesn’t eat all his food.
I want him to be free of fears and phobias. Be brave to follow his dreams even if they are risky and even if I will be shaking like a leaf behind in case something goes wrong.
But like a good Greek mother I will kill that little bee that gets my son!!! Of course!

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  1. This article is so funny i have tears coming out of my it....


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